As a community-driven data blog, we are looking for good data scientists to contribute articles to our website. If you have an idea for an article please reach out to us at

1. Propose an outline for the story

Propose an outline for the story, based on your area of interest and something that you think might be of interest to the common public. You can submit the outline here. Or if you have any questions, you can join our discord community to discuss further.

You can refer to a sample outline for the story here.

2. Editorial review

Once the proposal is approved by the editorial team, you can proceed with the analysis and submit the final analysis here.

3. Story Writing

Our editorial will look at the final analysis done by a data scientist and write a story around the data.

4. Publishing the final story

On successful storification of the whole analysis your story is published and shared with the rest of the community.

All the contributions done by the community members are directly credited to the person.