The Climate Crisis and India

The Climate Crisis and India SUDHANVI VELLALA Pollution causes many adverse effects. Pollution can be due to chemical substances or energy, noise, heat, or light. The presence of substances in the atmosphere that are harmful to human life and other living creatures is known as air pollution. The air gets contaminated by harmful gases, smoke, […]

Are online classrooms working?

While the coronavirus pandemic has forced schools and colleges to conduct classes online, just how many people is it actually helping? Is the online learning experience ubiquitous throughout the country?

Is It Safe To Reopen Schools?

In the wake of the pandemic, is it wise to reopen schools? Ever since the rise of the coronavirus, the world has found itself in a previously unfathomable situation. But as our desire for normalcy grows, we look for ways to go back to how things were.

The Ayodhya Verdict Data Story

What does the data say about how people reacted to the Ayodhya Verdict? Ayodhya, one of the holiest places in India, has been a topic of hot debate for years. How did people react to the verdict?